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Law Enforcement Family Network

The series of Line of Duty Deaths in Washington during the waning months of 2009 and early 2010 left not only law enforcement officers reeling, but their families, too. Some agencies had previously established family support groups and these worked hard to meet the needs of their own families and those of neighboring LE agencies. Family members of officers in agencies without such groups looked for assistance as they struggled to start up their own group. In the aftermath, it became apparent to many that there was a need for a statewide network of family support groups. 

The Law Enforcement Family Network (LEFN) is a program of Behind the Badge Foundation and is a means to network support between law enforcement families around the state of Washington.  The LEFN:

  • Connects newly forming family support groups with already established ones which will assist in their development.
  • Connects LE families from different agencies who live near each other to organize support for families in times of special need
  • Provides an annual conference to address the unique needs of a law enforcement family